show data of two columns

show data of two columns

Andreas S.Andreas S. Posts: 139Questions: 44Answers: 2

I need to show the data of two rows in the editor. The two examples did not help me, because I need both row Data for a compare and Merge. In my case I would see on the left side row1 and on the right side row 2. how can I do this?



  • colincolin Posts: 2,749Questions: 0Answers: 480

    Hi @Andreas S. ,

    I'm struggling to understand this - could you point me towards those examples you're referring to, that might give a better understanding,



  • Andreas S.Andreas S. Posts: 139Questions: 44Answers: 2

    I get those two examples: and

    What I need is, to merge two selected rows to one. The data of both rows should be shown in the editor windows. The examples shows only "Multible Values" in the inbox.
    What I need is like this:

                     row1      row2
    data_column1:    xxxxx     yyyyy

    I did not known ho can I do this in the editor if two rows selected.


  • allanallan Posts: 48,282Questions: 1Answers: 6,967 Site admin


    I'm afraid that this is not something that Editor currently does. You'd need to merge the data according to whatever logic you need in Javascript, then submit the resulting row as a new row and delete the old two.


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